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Category: Animals and pets

This category brings together a variety of ads related to the world of pets, allowing animal lovers to find information, products and opportunities to satisfy the needs of their four-legged friends. Whether you're looking for a new pet or want to gift accessories to enhance the lives of your existing pets, this category is a true animal lover's paradise.


Birds: If you are a lover of exotic birds or looking to sell parrots, parakeets or other bird species, this subcategory is the ideal place to find ads for birds.

Cats and kittens: Cat lovers will be able to discover advertisements for the adoption of kittens, the sale of specific breeds, or services related to cat care, such as boarding or grooming.

Dogs: This subcategory highlights ads for dog adoption, the sale of puppies of different breeds, as well as training, sitting and health care services for dogs.

Fish: For aquarium enthusiasts, here you will find advertisements for the purchase of freshwater or seawater fish, aquariums, aquatic plants and other related equipment.

Pet Accessories: This subcategory has a variety of listings for essential accessories such as collars, leashes, toys, litter boxes, cages, kennels, litter boxes, and many more items for the comfort and well-being of your pets.

Reptiles: If you are a reptile enthusiast, you can find listings here for buying, selling, or adopting snakes, lizards, turtles, and other reptiles, as well as specialty equipment such as terrariums and systems of heating.

Other Animals: This subcategory provides space for listings related to other less common pets, such as rabbits, ferrets, rodents, small exotic mammals, and many other creatures that are an integral part of of our lives.

Whether you're looking for a new feathered, furry, scaly or shelled family member, or need accessories to pamper your existing pets, this category covers all aspects of the pet world to satisfy the needs of pet owners and enthusiasts of all kinds.