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Category: Furniture & Appliances

The "Furniture & Appliances" category is the ideal place to find a wide range of products and items designed to improve your interior and your lifestyle. Explore our subcategories to discover antique treasures, artistic decorative elements, modern kitchen equipment, garden accessories, toys and games to entertain the whole family, items for wine and gastronomy lovers, as well as what tempting recipes.


Furniture - Tableware: Transform your home into a welcoming and functional space by browsing a variety of quality furniture and elegant tableware. From tables to chairs, including tableware, this subcategory will help you create an interior that reflects your image.

Antiques - Art - Decoration: Lovers of antiques, art and decoration will find what they are looking for here. Discover unique pieces, original artwork and décor items to add a touch of elegance to your space.

Appliances: Find the latest innovations in appliances to make your life easier. From kitchen appliances to laundry equipment, this subcategory offers you high-quality appliances for your home.

Garden: For those who like to take care of their garden, this subcategory offers a selection of gardening tools, outdoor furniture and accessories to create a pleasant outdoor space.

Toys - Games - Figurines: Children and adults will find toys, games and figurines here to have fun and stimulate their imagination. From the latest collectible figurine to classic board games, there's something for everyone.

Wine & Gastronomy - Recipes: Lovers of wine and good cuisine will be delighted to discover a selection of quality wines, gourmet products, and even recipes to satisfy their palate. It is the ideal place for epicureans.

Whether you are looking for collectibles, practical furniture, appliances or any other home-related product, our "Furniture & Appliances" category offers a range of choices to satisfy all needs and styles. Browse the subcategories to find treasures and items that make your home even more special.